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Pre-Commissioning Cleaning Equipment

Equipment Rental Packages are available to support client self -performance of:

  • Oil Flushing of rotating equipment.
    • TurnKey equipment packages for Lube, Hydraulic, and Control oil systems on GE, Siemens and other OEM Combustion and Steam Turbines
    • Special packages to support Fuel Oil and H2O injection systems flushing
    • Additional equipment specifically designed to support Oil flushing of Aeroderivative Turbines.
    • Equipment to support flushing rotating systems equipment.
  • Circulating flushing and Chemical Cleaning of Power Boilers, HRSGs, and associated piping systems
    • Hydrostatic testing support
    • Circulating particle reduction flushing
    • Boiler/HRSG fill and circulation
    • Chemical injection
    • Optional heat source if required

Depending on the service and specific requirements the CSE turnkey equipment package may include fill/circulation pumps, chemical metering pumps, filter pots, test equipment, vessels, specialty valves, fittings, hose, pipe, and consumables.  Limited engineering support is available if required.

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